Now, more than ever….Body,Mind, Spirit Healing

With the passing this week of a very dear friend I am made aware of the importance of expressing fully my healing work and path……and the Divine timing of the transition of Niagara Ayurveda to New World Gifts.

There have been lots of changes stirring in my heart and my business over the last two months.   I have spent the last 5 years building an Ayurvedic Wellness Practice and Center, believing that “if you build it they will come”.   And you have!  I have been honored and privileged to work with and be witness to some amazing and courageous clients on their healing journeys since going “mainstream” on Main Street in Williamsville, New York, two years ago.

Ayurvedic Medicine and healing is becoming more well known as it grows here in the west.  Many are beginning to reach for a system of health and healing that truly works with their nature and the rhythms of “life”.   So many people have come through the door looking for answers to their physical health problems and challenges.  It has been very rewarding to help them understand and utilize ayurvedic principles in their own lives.

And yet, there has been a deep knowing, longing, and wisdom from within me that there is something else I am meant to do……another way in which I am being called to serve.

Over the last two years, my “roots” as a third-generation spiritualist, intuitive, and lightworker have been aligning and clearing a path for working with patients and clients on a deeper level.  Over the last two years, God has sent me clear messages, through my ayurvedic clients and practice, about the nature of illness and how I need to help others move out of this old paradigm of illness, into health and healing.

Unfortunately, many see Ayurvedic medicine as just a “healthier pill”.  They weren’t aware of their own role and responsibility in the healing process.  99% of the people that come through the door with physical ailments are in need of spiritual, mental, and emotional healing.  They aren’t aware that their physical illness was created as an opportunity for spiritual evolution and mental and emotional healing.

They don’t see their illness as part of a bigger ‘Soul-level” healing plan.

I have known that’s why they are there and connected to me, but I felt like I was selling them a “bait and switch”.  They’d come in for some herbs and diet recommendations, a relaxing ayurvedic body treatment, or a detox program…….not expecting me to go deeper than surface level.    If you’ve ever met me….you know “surface” isn’t my forte’.

I watched as people struggled not knowing the truth……God gave you an amazing body, mind, and spirit, destined for health, joy, and happiness!!   My real job as a healer is to use the gifts that God has passed to me, through my ancestors, to reconnect people to this truth.  My  path and purpose is to use my gifts, to help others connect to their inner light and gifts and bring them to the surface to create lives of love…. full expression of health, joy, and abundance.

And so it is……New World Gifts is born!!

New World Gifts is the fruition of me accepting God’s plan for me and my life purpose.  It is a place of fun, joy, healing, and inspiration.  A place for all to feel welcome and inspired.  (New World Gifts has it’s own new website  , still in it’s infancy.  But be sure to visit and sign up for our newsletter for updates on events and guest readers).

Over the next few months Niagara Ayurveda will be making some changes and transitions.  At this time I am still seeing clients for ayurvedic consultations and energy healing, but we are no longer offering ayurvedic body treatments to clients.

I am mostly listening to spirit and how I am best to serve.

What I know for certain…… heart breaks and aches at the too soon ended life of my friend Pauly, who took his own life this week.  He was the kindest man I have EVER known, with the biggest heart.  I always knew he was there for me, no matter what.  He always had a joke, a smile, and a quip or quote of wisdom to impart.    But for whatever reason, he was in pain, and disconnected from God and the truth of who he was/is…… a beautiful shining spirit to so many.

What I know for certain is that there are many, many more people, souls, and lives like Pauly, searching for help, searching for healing, waiting to be reconnected to the flow of Divine Love within.  This is my path, this is my purpose.  This is the vision and mission of New World Gifts.

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One Response to Now, more than ever….Body,Mind, Spirit Healing

  1. Linda Geer says:

    Dear Martha,
    You don’t know me but I am great friends with Linda Allen. She has told me such wonderful things about you as a Ayurvedic Practitioner and healer. Thank you so much for helping my friend on her healing journey. She is such a sweet soul.

    I am a Reiki Master and am looking to take the Ayurvedic Practitioners course and what you said in your newsletter so resonated with me. Especially due to the shift our world has taken on a higher level. I can feel this too…that it’s not enough to aid people in the Ayurvedic way, but at a deeper level. Thank you for publishing this as a bell went off in me as well.

    I commend you for following the Spiritual advice that you’ve been given and for following your path. You have so much wisdom, pure energy and love to give to others. What a beautiful thing!! Thank you for being the light that the world is so desperately in need of and bridging the gap of physical/emotional healing to their true source of their own divinity.

    I am from Rochester, NY and when I come up this summer, I would love to visit you. I have some of my own emotional roots that need to be pulled as well. Even those in the healing realm need healing. :)

    Namaste sweet angel!

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