Now, more than ever….Body,Mind, Spirit Healing

With the passing this week of a very dear friend I am made aware of the importance of expressing fully my healing work and path……and the Divine timing of the transition of Niagara Ayurveda to New World Gifts.

There have been lots of changes stirring in my heart and my business over the last two months.   I have spent the last 5 years building an Ayurvedic Wellness Practice and Center, believing that “if you build it they will come”.   And you have!  I have been honored and privileged to work with and be witness to some amazing and courageous clients on their healing journeys since going “mainstream” on Main Street in Williamsville, New York, two years ago.

Ayurvedic Medicine and healing is becoming more well known as it grows here in the Continue reading

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Love Your Liver: Fresh Juice Recipe

What better way to offer up some love to your body in the month of February…..than with a glass of fresh, natural juice loaded with enzymes, nutrients and a burst of fresh flavor.

This is Day One of my new “Lighten Up, Brighten Up” challenge…..shaking the winter blues and weight gain, (although this would be great for anytime of year). Continue reading

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Raw Food Recipe: Tropical Green Smoothie

It’s time to “lighten up and brighten up” with this green smoothie recipe.   This is the first of recipes in my two week nutrition makeover program.

It’s really simple, living in Western New York, winter is long cold and dark.  Come the end of January I tend to feel a little sluggish, heavy and slow.  If I don’t “nip it” before we head into the moist heaviness of Kapha season it’s easy to pack on winter weight and feel depressed and lethargic.

Living whole food nutrition is a great way to stimulate enzymes for detoxing, better digestion, dropping a few pounds, beating sugar cravings and seasonal affective disorder. Continue reading

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Ayurveda Remedy: Diabetes Prevention

According to the American Diabetes Association and the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, over a quarter of all Americans over the age of sixty-five have diabetes, with 1.9 million adults over twenty being diagnosed with diabetes each year. These statistics alone point to a staggering failure in diabetes prevention nationwide.  It is my passion to help reverse and prevent chronic illness in the west and so we introduce here the ayurvedic protocols for diabetes prevention for vata, pitta and kapha.

We start this month with kapha, since Type 2 diabetes is a kapha condition,( as we move into kapha season) and will consider in following months how to adapt the protocol for pitta and then for vata. Continue reading

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Building a Strong Immune System: More Spirulina Please

No flu vaccines for me!  Haven’t had one in 15 years, and haven’t had a cold or flu in 10 years, since adhering to my ayurvedic  routines…..and eating lots of super-nutrient foods.

During winter months its important to follow a vata-pacifying diet and to support your immune system with herbs and super foods.  One of my favorites is Spirulina!   I’ve been eating different kinds of “Algae” for over 15 years.  Yup, you heard right!

In the early 90′s it was blue-green algae that helped nourish my body and reverse years of chronic pain.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  But those algae supplements were very expensive and I did some research and switched to spirulina. Continue reading

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Ayurveda Diet: Green Chai tea Recipe

The health benefits of chai green tea come from the beverages two components, spices and tea. In much of the world, the word chai means tea. In India, it is an aromatic beverage of tea, spices and milk. Though the spices vary among regions, the common spices include cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper. With the growing popularity of chai in Western cultures have come adaptations such as using green tea instead of a rich black tea to make chai.

To reap the health benefits you should consider making the home-made recipe below and skip the high fructose corn syrup version at the fancy coffee houses.

Provides Antioxidant Protection

Green tea comes from unfermented tea leaves and has the highest concentration of Continue reading

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Ayurveda Diet: Improve Digestion with Agni Tea


Agni is a vedic term that means burning or transforming and is the biological fire that governs digestion, metabolism and immunity. Maintaining the balance of agni allows food to be digested efficiently and vital nutrients to be transported to the bodily tissues. Agni, the digestive fire, Continue reading

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Eating Healthy: Questionable Practices of Organic Food Companies

Last friday night, after our local holistic alliance meeting, I was fortunate to talk with our presenter Cassandra Butler to have her tell me a little bit about my astrological sign.    She says, “Oh, you are definitely a truth seeker, aren’t you ?”

And in that vein, I believe in looking past illusion and digging a bit deeper than the surface.    And I’m a teacher/educator……so I feel it very important to share this valuable information regarding not just the quality of our food, but the fact that large food companies are willing to spend MILLIONS of dollars to prevent us from knowing what’s in our foods.

The list will surprise you!!  Many of the so called healthy, organic companies like Kashi, Larabar, and Cascadian Farms, are owned by large food manufacturers that  spent a lot of money to vote down proposition 37 in California last month. Continue reading

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Ayurvedic Diet: Healthy Mashed Potato Recipe

A really festive, tasty, and healthy dish to bring balance to all the rich, heavy, and sweet treats we find at this time of year.  It’s simple, quick…..and who doesn’t like potatoes?  It’s never really been that potatoes aren’t healthy, it’s the way they are prepared that puts on the pounds and skyrockets fat content.   Not with this recipe… guilt!

Here it is mid-December and I’m usually focused on vata pacifying  recipes at this time of year, ones that focus on warm, moist, sweet, sour, and salty tastes…..but I had some organic baby arugula that was left over from a client’s panchakarma detox retreat, (we used it for juicing to cut the sweet fruit taste and add some pungent greens to the mix).  Continue reading

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Vata Recipe: Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

Okay, I have to admit,  I love pumpkin pie!   But we all know the dangers of eating pumpkin pie for breakfast on a routine basis.   I’ve been on a pumpkin smoothie kick instead.

You really can’t get this one wrong, just mix the ingredients until you get the taste and consistency you desire.  What makes this one great for vata is the fibre from the pumpkin and all the healing spices to aid digestion.

In the Vitamix blender I put: Continue reading

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